Look for MP3 players & software on the Internet

The Internet is the superhighway to music. If you love to listen to jazz, blues, rap, reggae or classical or if you want to listen to radio stations worldwide you can do it over the Internet.

Once you find the music you love you can download it easily onto mp3 players and take it with you to listen to at your convenience. You have heard of free mp3 music and mp3 software, but do you know what they are? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The good part is it is really not that complicated to enter the world of mp3s.

MP3 or MPEG layer 3 is a way of compressing audio files so they are small enough to send over the Internet. So if four-minute song on a CD takes up about 40MB of space, it may only use 4MB or even less on an Mp3. With an Mp3 player you can take your CD collection, edit it with a jukebox program and put your favorite songs on a play list in any order you want. To play free Mp3 music downloaded from the Internet you will need mp3 software that can be downloaded from a number of sites. If you have Media Player or Quick Time on your computer you probably can already play mp3s.

Using your search engine you can find sites that provide legal and free mp3 music downloads. You can choose to download individual songs or an entire album. As well you can download other forms of music files like a midi file or real audio file and convert it to an Mp3 file. So when you are in the market for mp3 players, decoders, encoders, and mp3 software search online.

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