Awesome deals on LCD TV monitors & televisons & discount color television screens

Today’s thin and light, high resolution liquid crystal displays or LCD TV monitors offer a whole new world of possibilities beyond the realm of traditional CRTs (cathode ray tubes).

No longer are you anchored to already crowded desktops when high quality, high performance monitors are needed. LCD is the technology used for displays such as lcd tv monitors, notebooks, small computers, pagers, phones, watches and other instruments.

The display uses a combination of fluorescent-based backlight, color filters, transistors, and liquid crystal to create and illuminate images. Like LED (light emitting diodes) and gas plasma technologies, LCDs allow lcd television displays to take up less space than the traditional CRT.

Not only are lcd tv monitors easier on the eye with great clarity of picture, they also consume much less power than CRT because they block light rather than emit it. With a flat screen, lcd televisions take up less space are more portable and can be used in hand held TVs and projection lcd televisions. Consider purchasing a lcd television when you are setting up your home theatre. You can find reviews of all the popular makes and models from the tried and trusted brand name manufacturers.

Did you realize that a lcd TV monitor is very lightweight and can measure less than two inches thick? They radically reduce the amount of space needed for a conventional CRT TV. LCD televisions can even be mounted to the wall. Look online today for discounts, specials and time-limited offers on your choice of lcd television.

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